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Bird Shadows is a playful tale of eccentricities, misconceptions, and misogyny. While working on a personal spiritual project, an irreverent artist encourages her religious sister to rethink the marriage that seems to be killing her soul.

The people in the quaint little Bay of Fundy fishing village of Brood Bay will not soon forget the events of 1995. It was an outrage! A good Christian family was torn apart by the wicked influence of a mentally unbalanced, morally challenged artist. Pastor Wallace was appalled by the improper, if not downright evil, behaviour that had taken place right under his nose. His sympathies were most certainly with the abandoned husband, Warren, deacon of the church, generous and innocent man of God. But was Warren as innocent as he appeared?

Not according to his sister-in-law, Rube. She had always seen through the posing and the praying. As Rube sifted through her dreams, panning for God, her sister, Helen, was forced to acknowledge that her fundamentalist husband was not very Godly.


Cow Shalt Not

In the beginning was the Word but what if it was misunderheard? What if every time someone said the word 'thou' the scribe with poor hearing recorded 'cow'? 'Cow Shalt Not' is intended to be both playful and provocative by illustrating the huge difference one little word can make.


Strings of Light

Strings of Light is a collection of poetry - words written in anger, in frustration and in grief but also words written with a smile and a twinkle in the eye.

Eye Candy  on the arm of the Wharf

Eye Candy on the Arm of the Wharf

 On Mar 22, 2012 I drove to Cape Forchu with my sketchbook and a packed lunch. I produced the poetry and sketches in this book between 9 a.m. and 3:30 of that day. My sister, Wanda Rose, was dying of lung cancer and I had been caring for her. On this particular day she was feeling at peace and wanted me to leave the hospital and take some time for myself. I manufactured my own sense of peace through the production of this work. Wanda died on Mar 30 2012.    

                    The Chair Affair 

Chair Affair

I walked into a room one day and caught two chairs talking to one another – or so it appeared from their positions. After that day I paid closer attention. Turns out, the secret life of furniture is quite extraordinary or perhaps I have just lived alone for too long.

Through ink illustrations, The Chair Affair traces the beginning, middle and end of a relationship between two chairs.


Copies of The Chair Affair are available at Gaia Global Kitchen, Seahags & Scallywags, Yarmouth Creatives and from my studio during the warm months of the year.   $15.00 

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