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Cow Shalt Not

Cow Shalt Not is meant to be both playful and provocative. It is a body of work inspired by rereading passages of the Bible after replacing the word thou with the word cow.  Christians turn to the Bible in search of comfort, inspiration and moral direction and many find it. Like fire, the Bible is a tool dependent upon the intention of its user; in the hands of people with an unscrupulous agenda the Bible can provide justification for their immoral behavior. I believe that we each have a duty to maintain our own instinctive ability to assess what is right and wrong even in the face of someone who is quoting the Bible to support their position, after all, the Bible has, time and again, been susceptible to the fallibility of its interpreters and translators. All it takes is the substitution of one little word (like cow for thou) to alter its meaning entirely.

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